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Driving School Supplies is a Motability-accredited installer of vehicle adaptations from the industry's top manufacturers, including Autochair, Autoadapt, Brig-Ayd Controls, and Lodgesons. Every adaptation we make is fitted by our fully-trained engineers to the very highest safety standards.

A sample range of hand controlswheelchair hoist vehicle adapation


To give you some idea of the types of adaptation we can carry out, here's a brief list of the most popular vehicle adaptations:

  • Boot Hoists

    We supply and install boot hoists to lift both folding wheelchairs and scooters. Most hatchbacks, estate cars, and MPV's can be fitted with these hoists which are available as removable two-way hoists (with powered up and down movement, and manual swing) or non-removable four-way hoists which add a powered in-and-out movement.

  • Hand Controls

    These adaptations are for customers who are unable to use the standard pedals on a vehicle. A lever is typically mounted below the steering column that is pulled towards the driver for acceleration and pushed away to brake. Radial hand controls are also available, suited for drivers who struggle with grip or hand strength; in this configuration, the hand control is pushed away for braking and pushed down towards the knee for acceleration.

  • SmartSteer

    SmartSteer is a handheld infra-red steering device that enables the driver to operate the vehicles secondary functions at the touch of a button. Capable of providing up to 13 functions, SmartSteer can operate:

    • Indicators and hazard lights
    • Headlights
    • Horn
    • Front and rear windscreen wipers
    • Front/rear windscreen washers
    • Fog lamps
    • Radio, heated windscreen, etc.

    It can quickly be released from the steering wheel when not in use or the vehicle is left unattended.

Another example of hand controlsA fitted pedalguard
  • Left Foot Accelerator

    This adaptation allows operation of the conventional accelerator pedal using the left foot. A new pedal is positioned just to the left of the brake pedal and, when you press the new accelerator pedal, the movement is transferred to the original accelerator pedal so that the feeling and control of the standard pedals is retained.

  • Car Swivel Seat Systems

    We can fit a number of solutions for getting you in-to and out-of your car with ease. There are slight differences between manufacturers but, in essence, the whole car seat turns so that you can enter the car without having to bend and twist. Manual and electrically-operated options are available and, once seated, the seat swivels back into position and locks in place for driver safety.

  • Person Hoists

    Specially designed for lifting people from their wheelchair into a vehicle and out again, this aluminium electric person lift fits most 4-door cars, all 2-door cars, people-carriers and 4x4's. As standard, the hoist can lift up to 17.5 stone although it can be upgraded to lift 21 stone if required. The lift can be operated by a helper or by the disabled person using a small control box attached to a fly lead.

  • Rooftop Stowage Systems

    This adaptation makes it possible to store a manual wheelchair on the roof after you have transferred onto your seat. You don't need help to do this, and you don't need to be able to walk round the car; you use a switch to bring the hoist mechanism to the door and hook the wheelchair on by hand. The hoist then lefts the chair onto the roof securely and safely. As an added advantage, having the vehicle stored in a roofbox keeps your vehicle clean and maximises the space available for luggage.

  • Steering Ball

    This steering aid can be used either in conjunction with hand controls or on its own to help the steering of cars, vans and trucks. The most popular type incorporates a quick-release mechanism that can be operated with one hand for removal when the steering ball is not required - such as if you are sharing the vehicle with another driver.

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