Dual Controls

Driving School Supplies supply and/or fit new and reconditioned dual control systems of both rod and cable-operated types from all major manufacturers including He-Man, Peheja and Fast.

The purchase and fitting of car Dual Controls to driver training vehicles can be a major expense for instructors due to the fact that, in the UK, the majority of Dual Controls Fitted are of the rod-operated type.

These are designed for a specific vehicle and therefore have to be considered 'disposable' on sale of the vehicle. This can be both wasteful of your hard-earned cash and an environmentally unfriendly option when compared to universal cable systems.

Modern vehicle design now makes it increasingly difficult for designers to create rod-operated car dual control systems and many manufacturers have opted for the 'cable' solution for new vehicles.

Mobile Fitting Service

In order to ensure your vehicle is back on the road as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption to your schedule, we offer a free mobile fitting service for customers within a 30-mile radius of our Birmingham showroom. If you require a mobile mechanic outside of our coverage area, please contact us for a competive installation quote.

Dual controls take between 2 to 4 hours to fit, depending on the type of system you have chosen and the make of vehicle you are using for driver instruction. If you do require a mobile mechanic to carry out the installation please ensure there is room to open both front doors of your vehicle at the fitting location.



He-Man Dual Controls: 80 Years Experience in Design and Manufacture

Driving School Supplies supply and fit He-Man Dual Controls

Ever-popular with Driving Instructors, He-Man Dual Controls have been designing and manufacturing He-Man Dual Controls since 1931 and have supplied dual controls to all the major UK motor manufacturers and some of the more specialist manufacturers. The company is the leading UK dual controls supplier and is the preferred dual control system for most UK motor manufacturers.



FAST Dual Controls

Heavy duty cable control system suitable for any vehicle with automatic or manual transmission. Can be used in even the most compact cars due to the flexibility and small diameter of the cables. For larger vehicles - MPV, SUV, bus or truck or military use we have longer cables available. Your choice of tuition vehicle should not be restricted by ‘vehicle specific controls’. All systems feature adjustable pedal height and quick release pedals. The trainer can control the vehicle pedals to intervene or demonstrate to a learner driver. Economical and reuseable these controls can be transferred to a different vehicle, usually with only cable renewal required. See our news articles for further details and updates.


The Fast and Easy Fit Universal Dual Control System

Fast dual controls are designed and manufactured to  TüV standards in the Netherlands by FAST BV and sold worldwide in over 16 countries. They are respected throughout the industry and have been widely used by driving schools for over 30 years.


  • Designed and patented by , the original market-leading manufacturer of universal cable dual control systems.
  • The system does not interfere with the original control system of the car.
  • Fast dual controls are universal, and can be installed in any car or truck.
  • Quick and easy to install, with only minor modifications required to each vehicle.
  • The majority of the hardware is out of sight; just the pedals are visible in most cars.
  • The system works with the same precision, smoothness and reliability as the original pedals.
 peheja dual controls - fitted


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